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Since China implemented the policy of “reform and opening”, it comes a remarkable result on political, economic, cultural and social development, at the same time, China has also accelerated the step of integration into the international system. In order to join the international Government Procurement Association (GPA), and participate actively in the international community public procurement system, CPP Horizon Investment Co., Ltd. has come into being as the times require, with registered capital RMB 100,000,000.

Backed by enormous support of Chinese government and relative sectors, CPP  Horizon Investment Management Co., Ltd. has built up partner relationship with all the companies and industry associations which has the great impact in China, as well as establish a close contact with the government and related agencies of many countries. CPP Horizon Investment Management Co., Ltd. have a wide range of overseas market resources and a strong network, we contribute our efforts to supply professional investment, financing and project management solutions for China region project and international cooperation project.

Current involving fields: global public procurement project management, new-pattern industry supply chain integration, public project investment and financing solution, etc.

With in-depth understanding of global sourcing and capital cooperation market, we invest in high quality companies with long-term growth potential and maintain close relationship with governments and eminent enterprises. In addition to providing funding and project support, we share our professional expertise, experiences and resources with the companies in project management, supply chain integration, strategic partners searching, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.

Company philosophy: enterprise, sense of mission, pursuit of excellence.

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