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Government centralized procurement directory implementation plan.

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Central government agencies centralized procurement in 2006.
The programme is subject to implementation.

In order to implement the "issued by the state council general office on the central budget units in 2006 the government centralized purchasing directory and standard notice do hair [2006] no. 14 (countries), earnestly in 2006 the government of the centralized purchasing directory to organize and implement the work, in combination with the working practice of recent years, on the basis of investigation and research, in 2006 the government centralized purchasing directory under concrete implementation scheme is put forward.
1. Overall requirements.
(a) adhere to the principle of combining standard and efficiency, from set out actually, on the basis of standard procurement, procurement organizations actively innovation implementation ways and methods, improve the efficiency of procurement, provide more convenient service for each department.
(2) to carry out the functions of government procurement policy, adhere to the purchase of domestic products, and purchase energy-saving and environment-friendly products and independent innovative products.
(3) strictly implement relevant standards, eliminate extravagance and waste, and strive to save financial funds.
(4) strengthen supervision and inspection, standardize purchasing behavior, and reduce the rate of complaints.
Ii. Procurement of information products.
We will continue to improve the way of centralized procurement organized by the supply system of agreements, further expand the scope of implementation, and make public bidding for major projects on the basis of the supply of agreements.
(I) scope of implementation.
Computer and other information products continue to implement the supply system in Beijing and outside Beijing. At present, is being put into practice in 2006 the first phase of the supply agreement, involving 18 items, including: desktop computers, portable computers, monitors, PC server, mid-range network switches, mid-range routers, copiers, printers, desktop multi-function equipment, fax machines, projectors, scanners, telephone, digital camera, digital camera, copy paper, mobile storage devices (mobile hard disk, U disk), general software. This year it plans to add 10 items, including: firewall, network intrusion detection products, host intrusion detection products, commercial cipher (VPN) products, vulnerability scanning, network security isolation and information exchange products, uninterruptible power supply, shredders, recorders, projection screen. The number of items to be supplied will be expanded to 28. The suppliers or their authorized suppliers will provide the winning products and services to the purchasing units in accordance with the provisions of the supply framework agreement of the central government procurement agreement. Each procurement unit in the central government procurement network ( or zyzfcg. GGJ. Gov. Cn) supply agreement column, query the winning product brand, model, configuration, ceiling price, delivery time, after-sales service terms, agreement supplier list, orders and after-sales service contact information.
(ii) procurement procedures and requirements.
When the procurement budget is less than 1.2 million yuan, the purchasing units may choose and purchase directly within the range of the winning products; Procurement budget amount more than $1.2 million, but less than 5 million yuan, in order to obtain more favorable batch purchase price, purchasing units shall be within the scope of the winning products choose three or more of the winning brand, invite bidding agreement supplier, the jury, composed of experts to determine the final purchase products and suppliers, and in front of the procurement contract to send information about the procurement and bidding procurement center for record (the record form can be downloaded from the central government procurement network); When the procurement budget exceeds RMB 5 million, the purchasing units shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations, report to the government centralized procurement plan and entrust the procurement center to organize the public bidding procurement.
Various units shall not purchase agreement in principle than the winning products, outside the scope of supply agreement to supply the winning products for special reasons can't meet the need of work, each procurement unit shall put forward written application, the level of the department budget unit of government procurement agencies for examination and approval, purchasing center the approval, the procurement center in accordance with the implementation of purchasing electronic procurement.
(3) price of the products under the agreement.
The central government procurement network announced the maximum price of the procurement, each procurement unit can negotiate with the supplier, in order to obtain a better price. The cost of supporting services and related accessories has already been included in the bid price, and the purchasing unit does not need to pay additional fees. To solve the problem of a few agreement supply prices artificially high, purchasing center will build system of procurement project follow up, and plans to hire a professional third party market research organization the agreement price of the product supply market and the dealers' performance for real-time monitoring, once found the problem handled in time.
Users purchase agreement for supply products to in price competition between suppliers, also can entrust procurement center using electronic procurement organization supplier quotation again, in order to obtain better prices are favorable, further standardize the purchasing behavior.
In products and services under the same conditions, the unit found that execute procurement prices significantly higher than the market average comparable prices, if the purchasing unit commitment to responsible for quality of goods and services on its own, can be released on the Internet to purchase agreement other than the supplier suppliers but procurement unit shall present the relevant information before purchasing contracts written description build official seal of the unit after fax to procurement center for record (fax phone 010-83084964/56), and appendix relevant supplier list of quotation documents and product model, configuration.
3. Automobile procurement.
In 2006, the auto purchase will be included in the supply system of the agreement, and the scope of implementation will include the budget units at all levels in Beijing and Beijing. In the specific implementation, each unit, please strictly follow the general office of the central committee of the communist party of China under the state council general office on adjustment of party and government organs cars equipped with using the standard notice (hall word [1999] no.5), insist on buying a car and controls the displacement and the price standard.
The vehicles within the scope of the purchase agreement of the budget units at all levels can directly take the vehicles from the designated dealers of the manufacturers and obtain corresponding price discounts according to different models. Due to the major automobile manufacturers distributors all over the country, purchasing center will purchase the results and the dealer contact information posted on the Internet, the basic do wherever there is dealers can pick up the car to the nearest (but not limited to the capital city) and the other units can surf the Internet query and comply with them. Procurement requirements outside the scope of the agreement shall be organized by the procurement center by means of competitive negotiation or inquiry.
4. Elevator purchase.
In 2006, it was proposed to carry out fixed-point procurement of elevators, including the budget units at all levels in Beijing. The procurement center intends to identify the designated supplier through public bidding for the characteristics of elevator procurement. The projects under 1.2 million yuan shall be negotiated by the procuring entity within the scope of designated suppliers, and the final supplier shall be determined. The procurement center shall organize public tenders for more than 1.2 million yuan.
V. procurement of air conditioners.
Air conditioning procurement has already implemented the agreement supply system, the implementation scope includes Beijing, Beijing and other levels of budget units. Air conditioning agreement to supply system has achieved initial results, to make optional brand, broader business outlets more rich, more preferential price, purchasing center plan within the unit is in Beijing to supply agreement and fixed-point procurement (select the current domestic well-known home appliance chain enterprises), a combination of preferential selection by the user, a batch of purchasing amount is in 300000 yuan of above, by purchasing center organization second bid in the winning brand. Procurement unit should according to "the ministry of finance issued by the national development and reform commission on" government purchasing suggestion on energy saving products "> notice (coffers [2004] no. 185), in the same condition, technology and service prior purchasing energy-saving air conditioning; The company still adopts the method of supply.
6. Office furniture procurement.
Office furniture has already adopted the method of fixed point purchase, the implementation scope includes the inside of Beijing all levels budget unit. The procurement center determines a certain number of manufacturers through open tenders and contracts the basis of their services and prices. Office furniture purchase way to explore the other unit, procurement center designated supplier of office furniture outside Beijing supply region has carried on the summary statistics, see the notice about office furniture fixed-point procurement related matters (the machine adopt word [2005] no. 15) attachments four, can surf the Internet query GongHuoDian designated suppliers around and contact way. In this scope, the outside units may refer to the implementation of the procurement. The amount of single purchase office furniture reaches 1.2 million yuan, and the purchasing center shall be purchased by public bidding in accordance with the relevant regulations. Single purchase amount of less than 1.2 million yuan, unified to the designated supplier procurement; Special cases are negotiated with the procurement centre and can be purchased from non-designated suppliers. In 2006, this will continue.
7. Monitoring equipment, printing equipment, transformer room equipment, central air conditioning, boiler, building decoration materials procurement.
According to the commission of each department and the characteristics of the project, more than 1.2 million yuan shall be open for public bidding. Invite tendering, competitive negotiation or inquiry procurement below 1.2 million yuan.
Viii. Procurement of service items.
(1) automobile maintenance.
At present, 27 designated repair shops have been identified through the tender, and according to the recommendations of each department, the auto repair shop has added 4S stores to provide vehicle maintenance services for the central government agency in Beijing. Auto fixed point repair manufacturer catalog is classified according to the manufacturer's major, which is convenient for department selection. Upon expiration of the contract, the above mode shall be used to organize a new tender. The following information can be repaired at a non-designated repair shop: vehicles that have failed outside Beijing; The designated maintenance factory has no ability to maintain and issue a written certificate, and the vehicle approved by the procurement center; Other special maintenance vehicles approved by the procurement center. Unit interior with automobile maintenance enterprises or special maintenance personnel, shall be in accordance with the "about 2005 central government organs automobile maintenance related matters of notice (the machine adopt word [2005] no. 22) fill in" the central state organs unit interior automotive maintenance form (available from the central government procurement online download), after preliminary examination by the higher competent units to procurement center, procurement center after review, no more than the corresponding bidding enterprise majored in vehicle maintenance price maintenance vehicles of the unit.
(2) automobile insurance.
At present, has been through an open bidding process, to determine the danger, Pacific insurance two insurance companies for fixed-point units, to undertake other units in Beijing, Beijing auto insurance business, discount unit were 46% and 50% respectively in Beijing, the other units were 45% and 50% respectively (preserve a bonus-malus breakdown rate such as floating or compulsory third party liability insurance in Shanghai do not enjoy this offer; Taibao does not carry out non-payment preferential treatment, etc. If the standard rate of auto insurance in the area is changed in the valid period, the premium will be charged according to the new standard rate, but the discount rate will not change. Whether, insurance, insurance, insurance deadline, insurance amount and compensation amount by each unit to choose, but the third party liability compulsory insurance of insurance time limit, maximum indemnity norm should be strictly in accordance with the regulations on the motor vehicle third party liability compulsory insurance.
(3) refueling the car.
Sinopec as fixed-point unit of the central state organs in Beijing refueling vehicles, the central state organs in Beijing units can choose, within the scope of the fixed station and implement refueling card management system, a car a card, obtain fuel at a preferential rate. In addition, each department will issue a management card to inquire, statistics, and manage the gas refueling situation of the department. Have internal gas station unit, should be in accordance with the "about 2006 central state organs in Beijing unit motor vehicles fixed-point refueling notice (the machine adopt word [2005] no. 33) will this unit interior gas and gas station management system procurement center, after purchasing center audit in the internal filling station. In addition, we are in discussions with sinopec group since the second half of this year, the central state organs in hebei province units can also be specified in the sinopec group gas station to refuel in the fixed-point pilot.
(4) printing projects.
At present, 32 fixed-point printing plants have been identified through bidding, which provides printing services for the central government offices in Beijing. The printing of envelopes, no matter how many, can be directly selected within the range of the designated printing plant. The certificate and the books and periodicals should be determined in different ways according to the amount of the purchase budget. Under 10,000 yuan, the printing plant can be directly selected for printing, and 1-2 million yuan shall be determined by an inquiry within the scope of the designated printing plant. Over 2 million yuan, the procurement center shall organize a secondary bid within the scope of the designated printing plant, and shall be reviewed by the experts. If a designated printing plant cannot print or do not need to be printed outside the designated printing plant, it shall be submitted to the procurement center for examination and approval. Units with internal printing must be in accordance with the "about 2005 central government organs notice of fixed-point printing machine adopt word [2005] no. 23 (countries) fill in the central state organs unit interior fixed-point printing application form (available from the central government procurement online download), after checking by the higher authorities to procurement center, procurement center after the audit, can print prints of the unit.
(5) conference services.
At present, 24 meetings have been set up through public bidding to provide conference services for the central government agency in Beijing. All kinds of meetings of various departments of the central state organs and their subordinate units using financial funds at all levels shall be held at designated places of the central government organs. If there is a special situation, the meeting place can not meet the needs, and the procurement center can choose the non-designated place that can meet the needs. Departments within the hotel and meeting place, in has the advantages on meet the special needs of the department, but because of timely understanding of the procurement information, etc, many did not participate in meeting fixed-point procurement bidding, and is not currently included in the scope of fixed-point, these internal hotel guesthouse can carry on the meeting of this unit, but must be in accordance with the "about 2005-2006 the central state organs meeting related matters of notice (the machine adopt word [2005] no. 28), fill in the central state organs unit internal meeting place form (available from the central government procurement online download), after checking by the higher authorities submitted to purchasing center for the record. The procurement center will take effective measures in future tenders to attract more bidding in conference venues, further expand the scope of designated areas and better meet the needs of the department.
9. Procurement of works.
Engineering procurement within the scope of implementation for Beijing unit, procurement center strictly carry out the government procurement law, bidding law "and other laws and regulations, the practice of engineering construction projects, 2 million yuan of above public bidding; Two million yuan below the implementation invite invite bids and so on.
Engineering supervision project general contract amount is small, purchasing occurs frequently, public bidding high cost and low efficiency, procurement center intends to implement fixed-point procurement, through public bidding to determine fixed-point supervision company in Beijing, for each unit in the central state organs in Beijing to provide construction supervision services. The project supervision fee of less than 500,000 yuan shall be selected by the department within the fixed point range; Public bidding is still open for more than 500,000 yuan.
10. Outsourcing project procurement.
At present, 10 designated suppliers of office supplies in Beijing have been identified through public bidding. Since office supplies are not included in the centralized purchasing catalogue, each unit can choose whether to purchase at the designated supplier.
In order to further expand the scope of centralized procurement, the procurement centre will actively carry out pilot work on the centralized procurement of off-catalogue projects, and voluntary participation by all units.
11. Actively promote electronic procurement.
In order to further improve the efficiency of procurement, strengthen procurement transparency, promote fair competition, the central state organs e-government procurement procurement center development platform and has been put into trial operation, made an inquiry about the agreement of the scope of supply, the traditional procurement project for online bidding or purchasing online inquiry. Online bidding

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