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Global public procurement BBS was held in wuhan to show the Internet + new results.

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By the China federation of logistics and purchasing, hubei province people's government and wuhan municipal people's government hosted, the China federation of logistics and purchasing public procurement branch, China federation of logistics and purchasing purchasing and supply chain management professional committee, the federation of logistics and purchasing in hubei province and undertaken by foreign science and technology exchange center of hubei province in 2015 the 6th global public procurement BBS and public procurement expo opened on November 12 in the grand opening of wuhan international convention &exhibition center.
This BBS to public procurement reform and development under the "new normal" as the theme, through keynote report, top BBS and high-level dialogue and signing ceremony, professional a variety of forms such as BBS and public procurement fair tour, explore the hotspot in the field of global public procurement difficult problem, at the same time our country to transform the government function in economic development under the new normal, and the actual needs of decentralization, seek further mechanism path of public procurement innovation system in our country.
Vice chairman of the China federation of logistics and purchasing Cai Jin, Spain embassy consul general at ambassadorial level, Joaquin De Aristegui respectively in the BBS address at the opening ceremony, vice governor of the people's government of hubei province GanRongKun speech and declare the opening of the conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by yu ping, deputy party secretary of the China federation of logistics and purchasing. Ten countries such as South African ambassador to China, ms Meng Qi envoys of the representative, as well as the provinces (states), city, district government procurement department, public resources trading supervision and management departments, units, colleges and universities, hospitals, enterprises more than 1300 delegates attended the opening ceremony and the BBS.
BBS opening type also held on the government procurement platform for electronic data sharing and connectivity framework agreement "and" China high feed network - electronic procurement platform construction of colleges and universities cooperation agreement signing ceremony, in order to further promote the construction of informationization of our country's public procurement platform set up the model.
In the BBS, the CPPCC national committee, the state council development research center, member of the party group, deputy director of the original researcher hou did "grasp the Chinese economy in the world pattern changes the new normal" keynote report, from the Angle of the macroeconomic situation, analysis of China's economic development trend of government procurement and the innovation under the new normal path and the problems need to pay attention to. Shanghai stock exchange, chief economist at Hu Ruyin "the path of China's economic development strategy transformation" theme report, probes into the innovation of government public procurement and perfect of our country industrial structure adjustment and smoothly realize significant role for the sustainable development of highway in the economy.
At the top BBS, the China federation of logistics and purchasing purchasing and supply chain management professional committee of the core team Hu Min is "2015 China procurement development report summarizes our country purchasing industry development present situation and future development trend in recent years. Central university of finance and economics school of law professor Steven kelman procurement also has "the Chinese government and social capital under the new normal cooperation mode and its legislative problem" and discusses the BBS guest, share the research achievements and the problems faced by this model. "How do Chinese companies enter the United Nations market?" , "the era of Internet + public production" and "China military procurement reform and development", "state centralized purchasing management practices", "development and construction of public procurement e-commerce" such issues as the further discussion.
To further strengthen communication and exchanges, BBS set up ", head of the national government procurement agencies symposium ", "the second session of the national public resources trading BBS", "military procurement BBS and military supplies center for economic research conference 2015", "the second session of China's logistics and supply chain development of the Yangtze river BBS", "Chinese medicine reform and innovation of supply chain peak BBS and medical supply chain conference", "optical valley, wuhan international BBS (WIOF)", "hubei education equipment exhibition in 2015 and preschool education summit", "beidou navigation application demonstration project of wuhan city of hubei province joint distribution national-level project procurement are eight points such as BBS.
Held over the same period of the BBS is mainly composed of public procurement fair education equipment exhibition and exhibition logistics in two parts, the exhibition display the teaching instruments and equipment needed for the education of all types and at all levels, materials, models, computer, teaching equipment, teaching software, digital experiment system, sound beauty equipment, information technology products, with books, wall charts, education teaching resource materials, the school logistics facilities, school-run industry products, the campus safety technology and preschool education equipment. The exhibition area is 10,540 square meters, with more than 200 exhibitors.
"This exhibition to display, exchange, cooperation, development" as the objective, hkust xunfei, child, peoples, teng, Harold and build glory enterprise, will show big data, cloud computing, such as the core of artificial intelligence technology in the field of education new results, and the application of new technology, new equipment will become the biggest bright spot.

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