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The Central Economic Work will mention five tasks for economic work in 2015

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The Central Economic Work Conference will be held in Beijing from December 9 to 11. Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the meeting to analyze the current domestic and international economic situation, summarize the economic work in 2014 and put forward the overall requirements and major tasks for 2015 economic work.
[This year the main objectives and tasks are expected to be completed well] The meeting pointed out: Since the beginning of this year, we have achieved sustained and steady economic and social development. The main objectives and tasks for the year are expected to be completed well. The economic operation is within a reasonable range and the economic structure The readjustment has seen positive changes. Significant progress has been made in deepening the reform and opening up and people's living standards have been raised.
[Accurate grasp of the new normal economic development] 1, imitation wave-type consumer stage is basically over, personalized, diversified consumer mainstream; 2, interoperability of infrastructure and some new technologies, new products, new formats, new business models A large number of investment opportunities emerge; 3, China's low-cost comparative advantage has been transformed, a high level of introduction, large-scale go out is occurring simultaneously.
[Accurate grasp of the new normal economic development] 4, emerging industries, service industries, the role of small and micro enterprises more prominent, production miniaturization, intelligence and specialization will become the new characteristics of the industrial organization; 5, population aging is growing, the surplus agricultural population decreased , The driving force of factor scale weakened, and economic growth will rely more on the quality of human capital and technological progress; 6, the market competition will gradually shift to the competition of quality and differentiation.
[Accurately grasp the new normal economic development] 7, environmental carrying capacity has reached or close to the ceiling, we must promote the formation of a new green low-carbon cycle of development; 8, the overall economic risk control, but to resolve the high leverage and bubble as the main features All kinds of risks will continue for a period of time; 9, it is necessary to fully resolve the overcapacity, but also through the market mechanism to explore the future direction of industrial development.
More attention should be paid to meeting the needs of the masses, paying more attention to market and consumer psychology analysis, paying more attention to guiding social expectations, paying more attention to the protection of property rights and intellectual property rights, paying more attention to entrepreneurship and paying more attention to strengthening education And improve the quality of human capital, pay more attention to building ecological civilization, pay more attention to scientific and technological progress and overall innovation.
[World Economic Growth Next Year Might Start Rising] The conference concluded that next year the world economic growth may pick up slightly, but the overall recovery has not seen any significant improvement. The international financial markets have become more volatile. The prices of international commodities have fluctuated. Political and other non-economic factors have increased. To profit and avoid disadvantages, take advantage of the trend to prevent all types of risks.
【Main tasks of next year's economic work】 The meeting set forth the major tasks for next year's economic work: 1. Strive to maintain steady economic growth; 2. We will actively find ways to cultivate new growth points; 3. We will speed up the transformation of the mode of agricultural development; 4. Optimize the spatial pattern of economic development ; 5, to enhance protection and improve people's livelihood.
[Continue to Implement a Positive Financial Policy and a Prudent Monetary Policy] Next year, we will maintain the continuity and stability of macroeconomic policies and continue to implement proactive fiscal policies and prudent monetary policies. Active fiscal policies should be strengthened, and monetary policies should be more focused on appropriate and appropriate measures. To promote the "Troika" to drive growth more evenly.
[To prevent the average from covering up the majority] Let poor children have access to fair and quality education, do not let children lose at the starting line. It is necessary to develop special economy according to local conditions and step up support for basic public services and poverty alleviation. To be more specific to specific population and specific population, achieve precision out of poverty and prevent the average from covering up the majority.
[Make Good Use of the Great Toughness of China's Economy] We must carefully plan and make full use of the tremendous resilience, potential and room for maneuver in our economy. We will continue to push forward economic development by relying on the structure of reform and upgrading and upgrading of efficiency and efficiency so as to achieve speed reductions , The amount of quality is better.

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